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Frank Rich, The Hypocrisy Slayer

We are very familiar with Satan’s accusation that people only served God because of his benevolent gifts, not because we are pro-God with unswerving conviction regardless of wealth and health. I am thankful that Job did not sin with his lips. 

Now New York Times OP-ED columnist Frank Rich suggests that Christian social conservatives only vote Republican when they know they can win the Presidency, not because we are pro-life with unswerving conviction before God regardless of the chances of the most pro-life candidate. Of the “czars’ of Christian social conservatism, Rich wirtes, 

If they really believed uncompromisingly in their issues and principles, they would have long since endorsed either Sam Brownback, the zealous Kansas senator fond of using fetus photos as political props, or Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who spent 15 years as a Baptist preacher, calls abortion a “holocaust” and believes in intelligent design rather than evolution.  

But they gave Senator Brownback so little moral and financial support that he folded his candidacy a week ago. And they continue to stop well short of embracing Mr. Huckabee, no matter how many rave reviews his affable personality receives on the campaign trail. They shun him because they know he’ll lose, and they would rather compromise principle than back a loser.  

His article is well written although this sort of attack is not new. 

Are Christian social conservatives guilty as charged? I had been waiting for the Reformed cultural commentators to pick up this discussion. I am asking he question so we can start the discussion here. But be careful not to sin with your lips. 

If you see thoughts on Rich’s accusation at another’s blog, please send me the URL.

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 9!  (HT: Ben Stevenson): Apparently things have changed in Dobson’s mind:


Let’s see if anyone follows Dobson.

Another Mob Hit: George F. Will on American Gangster

George Will makes a great cultural analysis of the messages within American Gangster. The comparison to The Godfather is significant. Will is correct: Family values should not be able to coexist with criminality.

 In other news, I am thankful that there are sharp but compassionate police officers like Detective Sherry Prince serving our society. I know Sherry to be a believer; I remember her Cross-shaped poise when she lived on the campus of a nearby Christian college where I used to work. Hats off to Washington Post Staff writer Candace Rondeaux for not editing out, “when the interview ended, the two women prayed together.” I am grateful for a positive story about the Prince George’s County Police Department and integrity in journalism.

 In other reading, did you see that call for courage by Piper? I agree with the Minneapolis Pastor even though I know someone like Sherry is better trained than me to handle a confrontation.

The Future of Justification at a Great Price

The Future of Justification is available from Westminster Bookstore for $11.99. I would recommend it as a stocking stuffer. Tony Remke has a good Christmas list at Shepherd’s Scrapbook. He also has a review of The Future of Justification. My copy of the book is on order.