I have been pondering the social and theological significance of “a left fielder suspected of better hitting through chemistry; an NFL quarterback accused of dogfighting; an NBA referee guilty in a betting scandal; the Tour de France ruined by failed drug tests.” In the final analysis I have asked myself, “What sort of people gives more attention to dogfighting violations than Darfur? How can there be a felony crime for ‘cruelty to animals’ but freedom to kill a child in utero by a means of death far more barbaric than the starvation and mauling of dogs?” As I am pondering these thoughts, I pick up my Washington Post to find that George Will is providing comments on sports integrity. 

I will not give away the bulk of the content of the article. However, I must make this comment: George F. Will has the integrity to equate “God” with “Intelligent Designer” with “an archetype: The Umpire” in public discourse. In doing so, he demonstrates the very unwavering commitment to the “diamond-hard integrity” of which he writes.  

“An archetype: The Umpire?” This is bold! I am eager to get in my car and go do my job this morning with equal boldness and integrity (cf. I Tim. 4:16; 2 Tim. 4:2-4). 

Hats off to George Will! May we be given grace to have the same integrity in our public discourse.