Anthony Bradley on Churches Comprised of College Graduates

Anthony Bradley asks the right question about churches comprised of mostly college graduates and/or churches whose primary target is the college-educated here. He asks for your help in finding something different. Anthony, again, is willing to talk about the things we would rather not discuss. 

If I could lead my church to reach the other “75%” of which Anthony speaks – at least those within the radius of our church — I would gratefully praise the God of all grace.

2 responses to “Anthony Bradley on Churches Comprised of College Graduates

  1. NAF:

    Thank you for the comment. I have seen similar happenings in other towns of evangelical seminaries.

    I was glad to see you back on the blogsphere. I hope you are pleased with your paper.



  2. Eric, good word. I have seen the same phenomenon with churches built primarily on seminary students. I have lived in two seminary towns, and in both cases there were multiple churches with a disproportionate number of seminarians in their membership. And because there were 300 new members every fall, it actually discouraged the churches in evangelism–there were always people joining! But they were seminarians.


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