Daily Archives: August 19, 2007

The Diamond-Hard Integrity of George F. Will in Today’s Washington Post

I have been pondering the social and theological significance of “a left fielder suspected of better hitting through chemistry; an NFL quarterback accused of dogfighting; an NBA referee guilty in a betting scandal; the Tour de France ruined by failed drug tests.” In the final analysis I have asked myself, “What sort of people gives more attention to dogfighting violations than Darfur? How can there be a felony crime for ‘cruelty to animals’ but freedom to kill a child in utero by a means of death far more barbaric than the starvation and mauling of dogs?” As I am pondering these thoughts, I pick up my Washington Post to find that George Will is providing comments on sports integrity. 

I will not give away the bulk of the content of the article. However, I must make this comment: George F. Will has the integrity to equate “God” with “Intelligent Designer” with “an archetype: The Umpire” in public discourse. In doing so, he demonstrates the very unwavering commitment to the “diamond-hard integrity” of which he writes.  

“An archetype: The Umpire?” This is bold! I am eager to get in my car and go do my job this morning with equal boldness and integrity (cf. I Tim. 4:16; 2 Tim. 4:2-4). 

Hats off to George Will! May we be given grace to have the same integrity in our public discourse.

Anthony Bradley on Churches Comprised of College Graduates

Anthony Bradley asks the right question about churches comprised of mostly college graduates and/or churches whose primary target is the college-educated here. He asks for your help in finding something different. Anthony, again, is willing to talk about the things we would rather not discuss. 

If I could lead my church to reach the other “75%” of which Anthony speaks – at least those within the radius of our church — I would gratefully praise the God of all grace.