As for the Music on My Sidebar

As for the music on my sidebar, the lyrics to the hip-hop selection that is in the vein of Isaiah 6 and that quotes Piper from Let the Nations Be Glad!, go here. I have never been “into” rap. I am just old enough to have missed the hip-hop scene. But I am a dad of children who love Christ and Christ-centered rap, so I have begun to listen to Christian rap. Lecrae is one of my favorite artists. Yet I would not play Lecrae or Christian rap in a corporate worship service at my church, mostly out of sensitivity to my senior members, not because there is something inherently wrong with the music or lyrics.

2 responses to “As for the Music on My Sidebar

  1. Bro. Redmond,

    i share your appreciation for Lecrae and other Christ-centered rappers (of course, i am 29 y.o., so i am certainly within the hip-hop generation). i also share your sentiment that nothing is inherently wrong with the music or lyrics. However, i was curious as to why you would not use it in corporate worship. Although i am not a pastor/elder, and therefore, i am not really confronted with the full weight of my view on this issue, i have thought about it from time to time. Although probably driven largely by pragmatism, my position is that the music in the assembly should be accessible to as many members as possible. However, by ‘accessible’ i don’t mean *acceptable* to their tastes/preferences–because we could all stand to be ‘stretched’. Rather, by accessible i mean “singable” (i.e., not overly difficult or incomprehensible). Thus, it is likely that some/much (?) of rap music would be inaccessible to (older) members because of its speed or use of slang. However, there are some rap songs that i think are both Christ-centered and ‘accessible’ (e.g., The Excellency of Christ – Timothy Brindle), and therefore, in my judgment, would be appropriate music for the assembly. Of course, this is just my opinion. However, i do wonder: is there any genre of music that you would not play in corporate worship out of sensitivity to the *younger* members?


  2. Check out Ambassador (DTS grad)’s CD, The Thesis, and also Flame’s CD, Our World: Fallen, which will be followed next month with Our World: Redeemed. It’s been years since I listened to Christian hip-hop, but lately there have been some solid stuff coming out (And because I know Q’s reading this, check out ChristCentric too!)

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