In “The Court Returns to Brown” in today’s Washington Post, George F. Will writes: 

“Why race? Although progressive people would never stoop to racial stereotyping, they evidently believe that any black or other minority child, however young or from whatever social background, makes a predictable and distinctive — you might say stereotypical — contribution to “diversity.” 

Breyer said that last week’s decision abandons “the promise of Brown.” Actually, that promise — a colorblind society — has been traduced by the “diversity” exception to the equal protection clause. That exception allows white majorities to feel noble while treating blacks and certain other minorities as seasoning — a sort of human oregano — to be sprinkled across a student body to make the majority’s educational experience more flavorful.”

 Roger Clegg, president and general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity, adds his comments here. (HT: Justin Taylor) 

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