Although I have not been writing this month due to multiple deadlines for other projects, I do not want readers to miss the Desiring God $5.00 sale tomorrow: Please fill your shelf with these God-centered resources. Think of friends, workers of the Gospel, college students, shut-ins, and people without Christ to whom you could give one of these resources. While Desiring God was life-changing for me 16 years ago, and The Pleasures of God is my favorite, and Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood may be the most important for the day in which we live, I would give anyone and everyone Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ.  I would highly recommend that you get the Supremacy of God in Preaching, Preaching the Cross, Feed My Sheep, and Brothers! We Are NOT Professionals for a preacher(s) you know, in the hope of Gospel-Centered, expository preaching for the people he serves and will serve. Enjoy shopping!