Fellow blogger and author Anthony Carter gave me some good advice about blogging: avoid writing dissertations. This may be good advice for others bloggers as well. Such wisdom will help me maintain faithfulness to my other callings.  I am making categories of posts so that I do not write dissertations.  


A Matter of Meaning. Author-centered interpretation of passages of Scripture, following the theory of E. D. Hirsch.

Notes from Issacharians. General clips from others thinking within culture.

Being Intellectually Virtuous. An “although I find it odd,” or “I never thought about this” section. (Thank you, James Sire.)

Apostle Paul’s Haircut. Comments at the dividing line between the African American Church and African American Culture.

Ex Libris Kai Bibliotheca. Recommendations of books, and an occasional review. (Yes, I know I mixed my Latin and Greek in the title.)

I may need a sixth category to post previous works or links to older articles, as I am still learning blog technology. 

My hope is to speak in the marketplace rather than preach to the choir. The choir has plenty of good music. I want to go behind the veil where the invisible man lives in darkness but thinks he is singing under lights at the Meyerson to the applause of man and God.