A Cautious Start

I find myself being very cautious before I continue blogging. I share the concerns many others have expressed about the arrogance and shallowness of bloggers:



Also, I have not yet figured out what genre of blog I would like this one to be. I enjoy pundit-blogs, infomercial-blogs, one-topic-only-blogs, hodge-podge blogs, info-sharing-blogs, and personal-strengths-blogs. But I am thinking of having a few categories that act as parameters for my posts so that I do not make posts outside of those categories. I also plan to limit the time I give to blogging. One post per week may be more than enough, if I can manage even that.

Please give me time to think through blogging. I cannot afford to waste your time or mine. I want to remain faithful to my callings, of which I need to be certain that blogging also is one. I cannot allow personal blogging to interfere with what I am called to do.

In the mean time, please conside this post at another site:


I may have another post later today.

One response to “A Cautious Start

  1. I look forward to what it is this becomes. I really like the title and I’ve often appreciated your commentary on current events, your soft way of correcting church norms and the poignant way you share your experience in the classroom. I’ll be following your post through Google Reader. :-)

    Rachel and I do a more personal style blog for our supporters at
    http://missions.ritchietribe.net/blog/. I think basing your blog at wordpress.com was a good choice also.

    Josiah Ritchie

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